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About Premier Powerline Services

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Premier Powerline Services LLC.

Premier Powerline Services LLC is part of the utility distribution industry. Headquartered in southwest Ohio and formed in 2008, the company is owned by its founders.

Premier Powerline Services’ principle line is the design, construction, and maintenance of middle voltage distribution systems.

Our knowledge of utility standards, and national codes, insures the proper installation of distribution systems. Our experiences encompass both overhead and underground installations. We have an understanding of utility companies that allows us to provide liaison and consultation services. These skills, knowledge and abilities allow us to offer a full line of services to our clients.

Although our focus is middle voltage we have experience and expertise in high voltage and fiber optic construction as well. For design of these services we have established a network of respected experts.

Premier Powerline Services, LLC is very customer–focused, committed to solving all your utility needs and performing all necessary steps for your satisfaction. Our intention is to have Premier Powerline Services be your contractor of choice.

We are committed to the success of our Company and that success will continue to be largely the result of our ability to provide timely, safe, compliant services. In particular what sets us apart from our competition is our design/build structure. Providing both design and build tasks lends continuity to the process and subsequent success for our clients. When your projects are successful then Premier Powerline Services has reached their goal.

There are several key factors that we identify as being particularly important in our ability to succeed. In order of importance these factors are:

  • Safe working procedures
  • Quality of compliant service
  • Timely and on budget completion
  • Well trained, experienced staff

Our team compliments each other combining backgrounds in key areas. While all possess leadership skills, Mike brings expertise in distribution and transmission system construction and maintenance; Spencer and Ron bring expertise in system design and customer contact skills. Their combined strengths cover many major operational aspects of the industry with solid experience and proven records of success. Our management team brings with them over 120 years experience, a tremendous reputation and customer contact base within the utility distribution industry. Click on each team members name for more information.

Again, we appreciate your interest in Premier Powerline Service and look forward to providing you with a “Premier” System.

Premier Powerline Services employees a highly talented and experienced management team. Click on team member name for more info.

Spencer Duffey

Spencer Duffey- Managing Member Manager of Sales and Design Services

Mike Tscheiner

Mike Tscheiner- Manager of Operations

Ron Ashbrock

Ron Ashbrock- Manager of
Marketing and Administration


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